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Naranca Gallery showcases Skokandic book

Inside the Naranca Gallery

Pavo Majic, the talented graphics artist whose energy and passion for his craft created the Split Bienale (see my previous post on this show), has mounted a special exhibit upstairs in his marvelous gallery space in the Palace for Nikola Skokandic.  Skokandic is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the celebrated Croatian writer Petar Segedin with a new book and graphics.

Both Skokandic and Segedin were born in Zrnovo on the island of Korcula. Twice appointed president of the Society of Croatian Writers, Segredin was also secretary of the Matica publishing house.  During the 1950’s he was a cultural attaché in the Yugoslav Embassy in Paris.  After leaving the diplomatic service, he became a full-time writer.

Segedin’s first novel, Djeca bozja, is set in Zrnovo, and traces the author’s boyhood during World War I.  The book explores the idleness and venality of small village life with the wondrous  magic of nature and the mysteries of the Roman Catholic Church through Segedin’s alter eg0, the eight year old Stakan.

Skokandic’s book, filled with animal symbolism associated with sreca, or “good luck” in Croatian, is yet to be published.  Several pages with illustrations are on display in the upstairs space at Naranca until December 15th.

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Pavo Majic (in the hat) with guests at the opening

Pavo Majic (in the hat) with guests at the opening

The town of Zrnovo, one of the book's illustrations



  1. Really worth my time. I just want to encourage you in continuing to post entries such as this one. Thank you.

    • Thanks for kind comments…Split is a small city but has a lot of really dedicated artists and the new art museum here and what Pavo does with Naranca is really special

  2. I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!|

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