Posted by: viewfromtheriva | December 5, 2009

The hotels of the Split Riviera, Bacvice to Podstrana

Everyt time I head out of Split towards Makarska I pass by a winding stretch of seafront hotels that look interesting, but I’ve never taken the time to actually stop and check them out.

Since I’m involved in the tourist business as a marketing consultant and developer of specialty tours and unique publications, I felt it was time to get an education–especially since I am developing an interesting new website that will focus on Split area hotels and didn’t want to leave anyone out.

So together with a friend, I spent two days visiting the Sunce, Hotel More, Hotel Neva, The Residence, BB Villa, Pink Hotel and the San Antonio.

Wow.  We were just bowled over!  Gorgeous, charming places with stupendous beachfront privacy, big rooms, spotless and some with 5-star amenities like a glass-enclosed outdoor heated pool or a penthouse level pool and spa surrounded by a wall of glass for a million-dollar view out to Brac.

Each hotel had a unique story, but none perhaps so fascinating as being shown a normal double room in the Neva Hotel that had a framed photo of the Dalai Lama unobtrusively on one of the corner walls.

“Are you a Buddhist?” I thought silently, but saying out loud “did you meet the Dalai Lama?”

“Yes, he stayed here,” the manager said easily.

A long story later we learned that the Nobel Prize-winning Tibetan leader had been invited by a political science professor in Zagreb to come to Croatia and as part of his visit, the Dalai Lama came to Split.

We made it a point afterward of asking what other famous people had stayed in these unassuming 3 and 4 star hotels.

Lots of them!

Considering we were visiting these hotels to introduce a new website we could have been cautiously welcomed as eager sales reps rather than locals really interested in helping make these properties a lot more widely known.

The willingness of all of these managers and even owners to spend so much time with us was impressive.   Not only were they proud of their hotels, they were glad to see that we were impressed too.

I think like a lot of businesses that operate outside the mercantile city center, these hotels suffer a sort of odd inferiority complex–on one hand they get the same star rating as their in-city cousins, but are thought of as more “rural” properties.  Sort of like saying your from Brooklyn instead of Manhattan.

Everybody knows Split.  But to most tourists, Podstrana might as well be Sinj

So for all of you interested in staying on the beach rather than in town; enjoying smaller family owned places; discovering some amazing amenities these 3 and 4 star hotels deserve a first as well as a second look.

We should have taken photos….both days were so filled with sunshine and wonderful light…Split shimmering in the distance, the pristine beaches, Brac looking so close you could swim there.

When we get our new site up and running, you’ll be able to see and enjoy ALL the hotels in the Split area…from Kastela to what I will now officially call The Split Riviera–the stretch of great beachfront property  from Bacvice to Podstrana!

Enjoy our new Croatian vacation portal

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