Posted by: viewfromtheriva | November 2, 2009

Split turns into November and relaxes

Like all cities and towns that attract  a lot of tourists, Split changes its face and its feeling when the crowds thin out.  The harbor, usually teeming with pleasure yachts, gulets and cruise ships is now pretty much just Jadrolinija’s sleepy ferries taking locals back and forth to the islands.

The Riva is still full of people…but the chatter is Croatian and the coffee is mostly kava and less capuccino.  The gawking crowds at the fish market and clicking shutters at the green market are gone too.  But the catch of the day and the fruit and veggies are still terrific (and cheap) and there seems to be more smiles on more faces.

The regulars are out!  The people who make Split such a splendid place to live are always here, but now they more present.  So on this crisp first Monday in November, it sure is nice to be here!Like fat ducks sitting in a row, hydrofoils and ferries wait to be fed by passengers who now only come once in a while

Like fat ducks sitting in a row, hydrofoils and small ferries wait to be “fed” by ever-fewer tourists now that the season has wound down.

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  1. I’ve never been to Croatia, have lived in Russia all my life. Sometimes the problems of everyday living in Russia weigh down on you, and as they surround you, you can’t help thinking about the problems in the world, that everything is so difficult and bleak. So, I often find myself thinking pessimistic thoughts. Reading and seeing places like Croatia makes me think that there does exist beautiful life somewhere where it’s sun and you can feel a relaxation as you live your life and work, an enjoyment from the beauty, and whenever you are tired you can just take a walk in the beauty that surrounds you with no heavy road traffic and snow and gas fumes and big ugly buildings and having to take public transportation to somewhere you like. Also, trying to survive in Russia, makes it difficult for a person to relax and feel what they really are, what they like, what they want to be. People just forget who they are. I don’t know if it’s clear what I’m trying to say. I wish I could experience living somewhere like that beautiful smily place.

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