Posted by: viewfromtheriva | September 13, 2009

Sally Potter in person at Split Film Festival!

What a surprise–film maker Sally Potter was in person at tonite’s screening of Orlando, her 1992 gem which she told the audience will  be re-released in the US next year in a new digital version.

Speaking to an audience of about 200, she talked about what the main themes of the film were–and how difficult it was to embrace Virginia Woolf’s ideas into the movie. …like showing 400 years of history without changing the age of the main character, but changing his/her sex.   Despite being shot in England, Uzbekistan and Russia, it was completed in just 10 weeks.

“And all of us who made the film also aged 400 years”, she said to her rapt audience.

After the show I spotted her, charming and lovely, and simply introduced myself as an American living in Split who first saw Orlando when it premiered in 1992, “fell in love with you when I saw The Tango Lesson” and before I could embarrass myself any further, she said “oh, wonderful” and stretched out her arms and gave me a terrific hug.

I left the theatre dazed like a groupie….wondering if my shirt still smelled of charcoal, should I have said something else, maybe I should have shaved after all?

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