Posted by: viewfromtheriva | August 18, 2009

Days of Diocletian Start in Split!

Happy Romans

Happy Romans

The Days of Diocletian, a two week festival celebrating the Roman Emperor who in 295AD commissioned the building of a Palace here, started last night with a gala opening ceremony in the Peristil.  Hundreds of local citizens, we included, donned togas and took part of the festivities.  A “Roman Feast” was offered, free, to any and all who wore a toga.  Yummy.  The Riva was full of music, street performers and a variety of booths selling Croatian food and wine.  The activities over the next 10 days includes several jazz concerts, theatre, chilren’s puppet shows, a mock gladiator battle and other events– all free, held in the cellars, Peristil or on the Riva. A tip of the hat to Vedran Matosic, head of the tourist board here, for putting on such a great event!

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Roman Feast

Roman Feast


Diocletian a.k.a Robert Aronson

Natasha and Nastiya, Roman beauties!

Natasha and Nastiya, Roman beauties!



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