Posted by: viewfromtheriva | July 19, 2009

Enjoying Skradin and Krka National Park

The picture postcard village of Skradin, nestled at the mouth of the Krka River where it flows out the sea is a jewel.  We took the A-1 highway from Split, about an hour drive and just before a soaring arched bridge over the Krka River, Skradin waits for you hundreds of meters below.  Dotted with visiting yachts and even a charter cruiser or two, the town is a sleepy paradise with a quiet Riva, gift shops, bistros and an interesting historic town core.  But the reason so may people find their way here is that it is the jumping off point for Krka National Park.  A fleet of launches, some antique wooden vessels, takes you from the town pier up river to the Park in about 30 minutes.  It’s a lovely ride…swans, people swimming, lush shoreside vegetation.  You disembark and walk along a dirt path to the lodge where you buy tickets.  The roundtrip boat ride is part of the 90kn entrance fee.  Once inside you can snake your way up, over and around the numerous falls via dirt paths, stone steps and wooden walkways.  There’s a buffet and toilets en route and the further away you get from the start point the easier it is to find a quiet spot, jump in and enjoy the cool rushing water.  We took the fast route because we had to be at the Bibic Winery (stay tuned, next blog!) later that afternoon.  But the park deserves a half day or more at least.  Gorgeous flora and fauna, that fabulous water and just being out there so close to the sea and yet so deep in nature was wonderful.  Pack a picnic and enjoy!

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The first set of falls is where most people jump in and enjoy the river

The first set of falls is where most people jump in and enjoy the river



  1. Great place. I went there last year and enjoyed every minute of it. Have been back to Croatia this year but went further south.

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