Posted by: viewfromtheriva | June 20, 2009

Lidl, discount heaven in Split

We continue to be amazed about Croatia and Split.

Lidl, an unassuming chain of medium size stores is the weirdest, most wonderful place we have discovered to date.

Unlike big box discount stores with neatly laid out sections this place is wacky–but neat.  The food seems to be against the wall…veggies, beverages, meat, etc.  Not an enormous variety, but terrific quality at amazing prices.

And then in plastic wire bins in the middle of the place there are wet suits, Yamaha electric pianos, electric drills, do-it-yourself furniture kits and other totally bizarre merchandise at equally amazing prices.  And there’s only like 10 of a certain item, sometimes, like the Yamaha electric piano, only two.

I took Filip and Marian and they went nuts.  First time for both of them and the left loaded and in a daze. ” Wait til my mom hears about this place!” they both yelped.

Not owning a car, I lingered lovingly over a fabulous roof rack wish for a set of wheels because for only 199kn I mean who can resist?

The deals of the day however was a cardboard box filled with packaged Santa Claus suits for 30kn next to a similar box filled with underwear, candles, packages of replaceable toothbrush tops for 5kn….take your pick.

PS  Lidl didn’t pay for this nor do I own stock in the company….but would if I could.

Check out the new Croatian vacation portal

hamburger on sale!

hamburger on sale!

if we only had wheels to go with it!

if we only had wheels to go with it!



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