Posted by: viewfromtheriva | June 18, 2009

Solta, the Island of Olives tour begins!

Rogac Harbor

Rogac Harbor

The parent of Zinfandel grapes, Dobricic

The parent of Zinfandel grapes, Dobricic

Stone house blues

Stone house blues

For the past six months we’ve been working with the owner of Solta’s award-winning producer of olive oil, Olynthia Natura to develop a unique tour that would allow people to experience the island’s spectacular natural beauty, it’s rich olive growing heritage as well as how the two can be combined with high-technology to produce what many consider to be the finest first cold-pressed oil in the world.  The tour began this week–we use the ferry from Split and the mill’s van to take people to the groves and other parts of the island before going to the mill for a slide show, tasting, tour and a terrific homemade lunch with local Dobricic wine.  Afterwards, there’s plenty of time to enjoy some great swimming and if you want, buy some oil for the folks back home in the mill’s gift shop.

The first two groups were oddly Russians and Americans!  The comments we got were fabulous–more than they expected and of course they loved the wine!  For 350kn, including the ferry tickets, guide and transfers it’s a fair price for a wonderful day compared to what people pay to go to Hvar or Brac.

And being in those ancient groves (one of the trees is more than 1000 yeas old!!) amidst all the silence and sun and then stepping into the 21st century seeing high-tech Italian processing equipment is pretty amazing.  Olynthia’s groves are organically farmed, all the oilves are hand picked and processed the same day

Despite all the high tech, each bottle is hand poured and sealed.  So the production is really limited–maybe 5000 liters a year.  Time OutCroatia did a small piece on the mill (loved it) and we hope over time, people who come to enjoy Croatia will discover that its olive oil is as important to the culture here as grapes are in France.

http://www.sightseeingcroatia.comIn the grovesIn the millWith the olive masterEnjoying lunch


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