Posted by: viewfromtheriva | June 15, 2009

Split Animation Festival, under the stars

Last night was the concluding weekend of the Split Animation Festival.  Batvice, the wonderful outdoor screening “room” was the perfect venue for a starry night of inspired film.  For fans of Duckman, The Rugrats and the Simpsons, Gabor Csupo’s first feature-length animated film, The Immigrants or LA Dolce Vita, was a treat.  Done with the lavish colors and stylized wackiness of Duckman, the film follows Vladislav and his daughter (recently arrived Russian emigrees) and their friends, most notably a Hungarian named Joska, as they experience America through the lens of Los Angeles.  The dialogue of course is witty, sexy and political–unfortunately not all of the idoms come across to a Croatian audience, even with subtitles.  I found myself laughing out loud as if a light bulb was over my head saying “hey, an American is here!”.  Our Russian friends, who just moved here from Moscow, and speak English, got most of it but agreed that a lot of what was hip was lost in translation.  The great thing about the Festival is that it is held both at the vest-pocket Zlatna Vrata move house inside the Palace grounds as well as outdoors at Batvice (making it easy for people who smoke!).  Tickets are just 15 or 20kn and there are family rates too.  To check on next year’s schedule, just go to where there;s always something happening.

Csupo animation


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