Posted by: viewfromtheriva | June 5, 2009

Split, my garden of delights

...and 45 days laterterrace farming in Split

terrace farming in Split

It’s pretty amazing, having spent the last 9 years living in Russia, to walk out to my terrace and see a lemon tree, a fig tree, a pomegranate tree, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, rucola, lettuce, basi, anise, rosemary—and I’m sure there’s more.  Living at the foot of Marjan, with a peek-a-book view of the harbor, our garden is actually three raised beds each about 8 meters.  But the sheer profusion of lush growth is astonishing.  We’ve already enjoyed the zucchini and cukes and of course the lettuce, rucola and herbs.  The lemons were devoured a while back but we are hanging on to some marmelade we made until the fall.  Being able to walk out of our small apartment onto a glorious terrace with a real garden is more than just a small pleasure.  We start the day in our pj’s eating breakfast outside and end it under the stars with a later dinner or coffee.  Alan Mandic, the brains behind and his sweet wife Marija, were here last night for dinner.  So of course, being an American and figuring pasticada was out of the question,  I barbecued massive steaks supplemented by our garden’s bounty and Alan brought a sterling red from Bibic (Riserva R6 iif you can find it) which made the evening even more delicious.  Dessert was fresh peaches from the local market, with other fresh fruit and ice cream, topped with some local rum.  Yummy. One day we hope to buy a stone house and have a garden similar to this one….but until we do, living here surrounded by so much genuine beauty, history and monumental zucchini reminds me everyday how truly extraordinary it is to be living here.

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  1. Thanks for cooking that delicious dinner for us!

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